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June 13, 2022
Chris Vermeulen

Making money from P2E games is a reality! Hear how two top players are earning over $700 in Crypto by investing time into NFT Gaming.

The Crypto Prophecies is an NFT price prediction game that can earn players daily dollar value currency while they enjoy the challenge and thrill of progressing through game levels.

Also known as “The Worlds Cutest Price Prediction Game”, The Crypto Prophecies recently launched their PVE and Play-to-Earn game mode called Battle the Oracle. This single-player P2E game mode starts off with a Free-to-Play mode where 50 free games can be played every single day. There are currently 20 other levels that players can progress through and access bigger winnings and unlock level rewards. All winnings and rewards are paid in crypto game tokens called MPOT or bTCP. MPOT Tokens, Magic Potions in the game, can be exchanged for The Crypto Prophecies primary token TCP, which has recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary.

Since its launch the Battle the Oracle P2E game has been hugely popular and the average player stats include a win rate of 47%, a daily average earning of $6.63 a day, and a daily gameplay time of over one and a half hours. This works out to average hourly earnings of $4.12.

That is not bad for an average player but for those who want to invest more time into developing their game skill and strategy then there is a lot more that can be earned from the NFT P2E game Battle the Oracle.

We interviewed our top two players (player names PeterTaba and Alice) to ask them, how do they make over $700 worth of crypto tokens a week from our game and how do you become a successful NFT Gamer.

You are currently our top/2nd biggest earner on PVE P2E game mode and as one of the top players, do you know:

  1. What your win ratio is?
  2. How much are you earning a day?
PT: Last week I had an 81% win ratio in 1,900 battles and actually I can earn more than $100 a day with the current price of TCP.
A: In PvE I think around Around 78% and in PvP it’s 64% and at the current TCP market value ($0.0150) I am earning $100 a day.

How have these earnings impacted your life?

PT: To be honest it is really life changing for me.. Imagine here in the Philippines if you are a regular employee, they just pay you $300 a month but because of TCP I can earn that in just 3–4 days :)
A: Well I became less stressed about my bills, some of my relatives can’t help pay the bills anymore because of the pandemic but now I have money to pay the bills and have a lot more for myself.

How much do you earn just by playing The Crypto Prophecies every week?

PT: Based on my daily earnings, I can say that an average of $700 a week.
A: My earnings each day are not the same but I earn an average of $700 a week.

How much have you earned to date in total playing the crypto prophecies?

PT: I’ve been here in TCP since last year and I think I saved more than $4,000 to date.
A: I’ve been playing since november 01, 2021 and I earned in daily prize pool, daily PvP leaderboards and this month I am also earning with PvE and my total earnings to date is around $2500.

How many hours a day do you spend playing?

PT: Before in PVP I just spent a few hours like 3–5 hours playing but Since the PVE (Battle the Oracle) released sometimes I play much more lol because the more you play now in PVE the more profit you get. The motto is real. PLAY MORE COLLECT MORE EARN MORE.
A: When PvE got released, I played over 6 hours a day on weekdays and on weekends even more.

Do you re-invest your winnings, if so how?

PT: Yes, currently I reinvest my earnings by buying NFT orbs and upgrading my prophet and items to earn more in higher level in PVE (Battle the Oracle) and have a better chance to win in PVP daily prize pool draw and Leaderboard rewards.
A: Yes, I re-invest my earnings because I am aiming for a higher level of Battle the Oracle because as it is very profitable, I will earn more and in less time than before.

How did you increase your skill in the game?

PT: Basically you have to learn the basics first in the game like how to combo items to make the opponent or oracle negative scores in every round of the game. And of course by playing a lot and creating more strategy.
A: PvP is a very competitive game because like me the players who are also pioneers have great item sets and some of them have all set founders which is the pinnacle of item tier in TCP, I always play with them in pvp that’s why from time to time I develop some strategy and combination of items and by playing for a long time I also develop a sixth sense to predict what will be the candle.

What is your magic casting strategy?

PT: My casting strategy is simple.. I just cast my spells items before the end of every round hehehe.
A: My strategy is unorthodox. Round 1 players usually cast their pet and shield so most of the time their pet is blocked wasting the chance of -100 using pet, so what I do is before the game starts I will spam my shield to vote freely then before my shield expires I will cast wand spell which also prevents the opponent from casting spells. Then before the wand expires I will cast my pet spell which also prevents them from casting spells then just before the pet spell goes away I will cast staff spell. By this time they can only cast their wand once in the game but I can still cast my wand at round 9 and that’s my strategy.

What is your strategy for reaching the higher levels of the game?

PT: Time management of every item’s durations and cooldown. And of course by playing a lot.. Experience is the best teacher.
A: So to reach high level I first need to upgrade my prophet to be eligible to play high level, then I will upgrade my staff , cape , wand to rare and my pet to epic or higher tier is better because pet has the highest spell duration.
What magic items are your go-to for the Battle Arena?
PT: EPIC set for me now is already powerful in every game mode :) but of course I am aiming for legendary now and upgrade my epic set for that.
A: Pet is the best because of its two abilities: the blind and vote disabling ability and longest spell duration amongst other items.

You are currently on level 17/16, do you think you can reach level 20 of Battle The Oracle and what would you need to improve to do that?

PT: Yes I can be on Level 20 soon!! Level 17 for me is not that hard since I already have the strategy to beat it. And I think I just need to upgrade my STAFF and CAPE to have more time duration effect in every cast I do because STAFF and CAPE can be used multiple times in the whole game unlike PET and WAND, that have long cooldowns.
A: I am currently half-way on upgrading my prophet to legendary and I am also preparing my items for higher level, but I am having a hard time to upgrade not because of money but because the type of Crypto Prophet and items I have are hard to find I think because most telekinesis users also want to complete their set and don’t want to sell it .There’s few to none telekinesis NFTs in opensea.

What advice would you give new players to start playing and winning consistently in The Crypto Prophecies?

PT: Well my advice to them is to read first all the items cooldown and cast duration effects. And learn how to do basic combos to make your opponent or The Oracle have a negative score. Plus learn to know the movement of every candle in every round. You will see it once you play more in the game… It is easy to predict if you already know the movement of every candle :)

NOTE: do not rush to predict if you are not sure. Having a 5 score is better than -90 scores. Hehehe.
A: I would advise the new players to invest first in Crypto Prophets and Pets. Then staff, cape and wand should have the same or close rarity to combo the staff and wand.

When did you start playing The Crypto Prophecies?

PT: Since the released of PVP game mode last year November 1, 2021
A: Since the game launched last November 01, 2021.

How much did you invest to start playing?

PT: Just only $200 and that value is only 1,000 TCP that time.
A: I invested $300 to buy a rare prophet but I got epic so that’s my luck, and low rarity items and upgraded it from time to time by reinvesting my earnings.

How many Crypto Prophet NFTs do you own?

PT: Right now I just have 2 Crypto Prophets because I reinvest more in items first and upgrade them but in the coming few days I will buy lots of Crypto Prophet orbs and summon them, because I am preparing for the NFTs STAKING. That will give me more profit even when I’m sleeping :)
A: I have 1 epic Crypto Prophet, 12 rare Crypto Prophets, 17 uncommon and many commons.

What is the highest Rarity Crypto Prophet that you own and how did you get that? From an orb or from burning to upgrade?

PT: My EPIC Prophet I got it from a burning upgrade of 5 Rare Crypto Prophets with the same class. But my items are upgraded from lucky uncommon orb and have EPIC items :)
A: I got it from NFT presale. I summoned a Crypto Prophet from a rare orb and got an epic Crypto Prophet. I was really happy that day.

You currently have the 1st/2nd best win ratio in PVE…

  1. How long do you think you can hold your title?
  2. Do you think you can take the top spot?
PT: I can’t say that I can hold that forever since lots of players now are learning a lot in game and improving.. But of course I don’t play to lose so I will keep it until the TCP game is running :)
A: Yes, although petertaba and I are friends, everyone wants to be the best it’s in our DNA.

Have you ever played PeterTaba/Alice and who is the better player would you say? Them or you?

PT: Yeah!! I played a lot with Alice. Alice is a better player.. But only better.. It’s me that is The BEST :) hahahahaha.
A: Yes I always play with petertaba as a warmup for The Oracle and other players, Petertaba is better because he is more focused on the game and he has a great timing like he calculates every millisecond.

Which NFTs are your favourites and what are your purchasing habits?

a) Which NFTs do you like to keep in your collection?

b) Which NFTs do you burn and upgrade?

c) Which NFTs give you the best wins?

PT: TEZMANIAN FOREVER!! — I always buy Orbs because orbs will give you more probability to get higher Rarity when you summon them.

A. — All my NFTs are Arcane.
B. — Always Arcane :)
C. — Arcane.
A: I like Satoshian because it has cool item design and animation.

a) I’d like to keep my Satoshian NFTs because they are cool.
b) I have a better Telekinesis NFT set that’s why I upgrade Telekinesis more.
c) My Telekinesis gives me the best wins.

What is it you love about the world of The Crypto Prophets?

PT: What I love about TCP is the unique game mode, cute Crypto Prophets and unique design! It’s not boring like those farming games lol. TCP is fun to play!
A: It promotes competitiveness because it has PvP, PvP is also where players can battle with other players if they are tired of playing Battle the Oracle and PvP also promotes high risk high return. Most of the players like Battle the Oracle because of its passive income and it’s not like the other Play-to-Earn games where it’s so boring like farming allday and you only use your mouse and do nothing.

Do you prefer the 1v1 player combat of PVP or playing Ai opponents in PVE and why?

PT: I Prefer both because both have a different experience for me. Playing PVP with your friends or random people is fun because you can learn different styles of game play! Playing in PVE is also fun! Because you can create your own strategy from it.
A: I prefer both, playing Battle the Oracle game mode gives me high profit but playing too much PVE will make you rusty.

What are you most excited about on the CP roadmap coming in the future?

PT: I am excited about TOURNAMENT game mode! Also the in-game Marketplace. Also the NFTs STAKING and Lending and a lot more more more!. TCP is not boring to wait for every update and features they release.
A: Well I am excited for all of the new features of The Crypto Prophecies because I prepared for it, I bought so many Crypto Prophets for NFT staking. I upgraded my items for tournament battle mode. And I also bought items for my Crypto Prophet to lend it to players who can’t afford to buy high rarity nfts.

Even in this bear market, our game modes are having life-changing positive effects on our players’ lives and we hope hundreds of more players will play Battle the Oracle and experience similar changes.

Knowing that our players are happy is our top priority and why we have a continuous and aggressive development roadmap to bring new ways to earn with our blockchain game and extended features.

The Crypto Prophecies, The Worlds Cutest Price Prediction Game, has all the skills of quick action wager games pitted against real-time strategic decision making in both PVP and PVE mode. Players outwit opponents with attack and defence choices as each player tries to foresee the candles before the time runs out.

Battle the Oracle PVE mode is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn, blockchain-based price prediction game. Log in every day to play 50x Free games by using the Free standard Crypto Prophet and Magic Items. Accurately predict your returns using your in-game win ratio and level up for even bigger rewards with wager multipliers, and mystery prizes with each new level.

Learn more about P2E with Battle the Oracle PVE mode or join our community on telegram to put your voice to the crypto gaming conversation.

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