We create story-driven blockchain games with Play-to-Earn economies.


TCP Players Earn Over $700 A Week

Hear how two top players earn over $700 in Crypto by investing time into NFT Gaming.


TCP Token Now Available on BitMart

We’re excited to announce that our TCP token is now available to trade on BitMart.


Let's make investing a game that anyone can win

We share more about who we are and what we want to achieve with our games...


How NFTs are giving gamers a voice

A look at how NFTs are changing the traditional gaming model...

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Gaming Tokens Continue to Outperform, Will Investors Keep Bullish on AXS?

The Crypto Prophecies is probably one of the most approachable entries into the world of blockchain gaming. It centers around price prediction, a simple concept, but incorporates aspects such as NFTs in the form of unique Crypto Prophets. For newcomers, this is likely an ideal starting point.

The Crypto Prophecies: Price Prediction Trading with NFTs

The NFT-based price prediction game, The Crypto Prophecies is looking to capitalize on both, combining the benefits of a rapidly growing interest in NFT collectibles and a form of gamified peer-to-peer trading in one of the most exciting frontiers of the crypto space...

The Crypto Prophecies Announces Partnership With Animoca Brands

The partnership will see Animoca Brands investing in the private sale of TCP tokens, The Crypto Prophecies native token. In return...

The Crypto Prophecies: A New Game For A New Trader

The type of person getting into trading and finance has changed. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the battle over the stock price of GME...

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