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TCP Token
August 6, 2021
Chris Vermeulen

Over the last several months, GameFi Inc. has been hard at work creating a fun and rewarding crypto gaming experience in our latest game The Crypto Prophecies.

When we started development on Crypto Prophecies, we wanted to make sure that dedicated players would be rewarded in more ways than one.

Players can, of course, earn TCP tokens by winning wagers in the Battle Arena by predicting how candles will close, but we wanted to share a bit more about the other ways you can win in The Crypto Prophecies.

Battle Arena

The main attraction in the Kingdom of Opulentos. The Battle Arena is where Crypto Prophets are made and pretenders are sent packing.

The Battle Arena will be the biggest way for players to win TCP in The Crypto Prophecies.

Before entering the Arena, players must select their chosen Crypto Prophet for battle and choose how many TCP tokens they want to wager on their success.

Players can choose between multiple  wager sizes – for example 10 Tokens or 100 Tokens – and will be matched with players of the same wager amount.

Each battle consists of 10 trading candlesticks, making up the timeframe of the battle. For instance, if a contest is played on 10-second candles, and there are ten candles in total, then the game will last for 100 seconds. Each candle starts with a maximum of 100 points available; however, as the candle’s time reduces, so do the available points.

Players win, or lose, points as they get predictions right and wrong and if a candle prediction is missed entirely, all 100 points are lost.

To turn things up a notch, players can cast spells against their opponent, reducing their visibility of the trading candlesticks or removing their ability to predict the outcome for a set amount of time.

Different spells are available, all with varying effects. If a player has a Crypto Prophet with slots to contain staffs and wands, the player can add new NFT items into those slots that come with spell casting capabilities.

Daily Prize Draws

All daily players will be entered into a daily prize draw, where each game played gives that player tickets for the daily prize draw. If the player wins the battle, tickets are issued based on the rarity tier of the Prophet's used tier multiplier and the wager placed. If the player loses the battle, tickets are issued on a one-to-one ratio with the size of the wager to all tiers except Common.

The more games a player plays, and the higher the wagers placed, the more chances a player has at winning in the daily prize draw. 

As mentioned, the rarity tier of the Crypto Prophet used for the battle sets the multiplier for the number of daily draw tickets issued to the winner.

The daily prize pool is generated from forty percent (40%) of the Kingdom fee so that it becomes a community pool and grows in size based on the number of games played and the number of wagers placed on any given day.

Every day there will be a total of 25 winning tickets drawn at random using ChainLinks’ on-chain random number generator (RNG), with the accumulated daily prize pool being distributed as follows:

Leaderboard Prizes

The Crypto Prophecies leaderboard offers players a great opportunity to win amazing prizes as reward for their Battle Arena exploits.

The better players do in the Arena, the better prizes they stand to win. The leaderboard is structured to give all players visibility on the highest-scoring players every week and every month. Each of these leaderboard sections has their own prize structure, which depends on the given period players rise through the leaderboard ranks.

Prizes on offer include TCP tokens, NFTs – Summoning Orbs, Crypto Prophets, or magical items – all of which will fatten the winner’s wallet.

Are You Ready To Enter The Battle Arena?

We are racing towards launch and we want you to be prepared for battle on day 1. Head to our website and sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

We’re also excited to soon be launching The Kingdom Vault, where you’ll be able to stake and earn bTCP or TCP, the tokens that power our game and NFTs. For more information and to sign up to play, head to https://www.thecryptoprophecies.com


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