New Crypto Prophecies Website to Explore

August 6, 2021
Chris Vermeulen

Check out the updated website from blockchain game The Crypto Prophecies. It's bursting with new magical creatures, animated gameplay features, and NFT rarity details, all from The world's cutest Price Prediction Game. has been updated with three new sections showcasing the rich and glorious characters, items and NFTs from the magically cute world of The Crypto Prophecies. The three new sections are; the Game, the Magic and the NFTs and provide updated images and animations to help users discover more detail about the game.


Game Section

There is an animated battle area that shows users how the game functions and elements work in-game. Our original cute character and magical item designs are displayed on the website with rich and sophisticated animations taken directly from the game.


Here you can learn about the utility of the $TCP token that powers the game and the exchanges they are available on.


Magic Section

Explore the Crypto Prophets characters and the items they can wield. Each race of Crypto Prophet can harness magic from different schools. This cute character designs and NFT Items for this first generation of Tezmanians, Etherians, Satoshians and Ripptilians can be explored on the website as well as the items and pets found in the different magic schools of Fire, Arcane, Nature and Telekinesis.



Learn the power and the function of The Crypto Prophecies NFTs in-game and the rarity scale that players will be utilising in-game to increase their chances of a heroic and victorious battle. Learn about the Summoning Stones and the spell effects to become the ultimate victor in this enjoyable character driven world of magic and cuteness.


Check out and get immersed in the magic and cute design from the world of The Crypto Prophecies.


The Crypto Prophecies

The Crypto Prophecies is a PvP zero-sum price prediction game wrapped in a fantasy world of magical creatures, powers and items. A fun way to enjoy NFTs and competitive blockchain gaming.

The Crypto Prophecies is an original game designed and developed by GameFi Inc..


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