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TCP Token
August 6, 2021
Chris Vermeulen

We were honoured last week to see crypto exchange Kucoin consider our $TCP token among three favoured gaming altcoins, alongside Axie Infinity’s $AXS and $Tower, to explore as Blockchain gaming continues to surge.

The Crypto Prophecies is probably one of the most approachable entries into the world of blockchain gaming. It centers around price prediction, a simple concept, but incorporates aspects such as NFTs in the form of unique Crypto Prophets. For newcomers, this is likely an ideal starting point.
- Kucoin

2021 has proven to be a tough year for Crypto. After a strong start that saw Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other currencies breach all-time high prices several times, the crypto market saw a massive plummet in values, practically overnight.

While the bearish run for crypto markets as a whole continues, July has proven to be a good month for many gaming tokens in general. Over the past 30 days, The Crypto Prophecies’ $TCP token has seen a monumental 277.6% increase in value*.

TCP CoinGecko Price Chart

$AXS, the token for Axie Infinity, saw even bigger gains of 812%*, while $Tower experienced 205%* growth.

This is just the beginning for The Crypto Prophecies and crypto gaming as a whole. We believe the surge in crypto gaming tokens despite the wider crypto lull is a signal of a shift in the market, with gaming tokens proving to be more accessible to a wider audience.

Right now the crypto gaming ecosystem incorporates so many great trends, from crypto to NFTs and innovative P2P gaming, which makes it easy for users to capitalise on multiple trends.

By getting involved in this ecosystem – by investing tokens and purchasing in-game NFTs – gamers and investors are gaining a voice in the industry and have a say in the games that they play and the tokens they invest in.

With gameplay experiences built around these tokens and NFTs, there’s no reason to doubt that these values will continue to soar as the games and playerbases grow.

From a Crypto Prophecies perspective, we’re particularly encouraged as we approach our launch window, especially after a Reuters report in July reporting all-time high figures for NFT sales in the month of June, signalling widespread adoption of non-fungible tokens on a global scale. 

The Crypto Prophecies NFTs are coming soon!

Given the work we’ve done to build the core Crypto Prophecies experience around our character and item NFTs, this gives us the drive we need to give our players the best crypto gaming experience.

You can read more about Kucoin’s take on $TCP, here.

Prepare To Enter The Battle Arena and Start Your Own Crypto Prophecy

We’re getting closer to the launch of our Crypto Prophecies NFTs. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter today to get an alert when the sale goes live and avoid disappointment.

If you sign up with us today, you can also claim $5 bTCP tokens to use in the game!

We’re also excited to soon be launching The Kingdom Vault, where you’ll be able to stake and earn bTCP or TCP, the tokens that power our game and NFTs. For more information and to sign up to play, head to

* Figures correct at time of writing

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