The Crypto Prophecies June-July Developer Update

developer update
July 28, 2021
Chris Vermeulen

As the launch of The Crypto Prophecies gets closer by the day, our developers are busily working to ensure that the in-game experience is smooth, engaging and rewarding for every single player in the community.

Read on to find out what our latest developer updates are and how they will impact your experience within the game.

Burning NFTs

We’ve made a lot of progress on giving players the ability to burn their NFT Crypto Prophets and magic items to upgrade them.

The model that we’ve created allows users to select any five Crypto Prophets, or any five magical items — as long as they are of the same rarity, race or magic school — and burn them (yes, destroy them!) in exchange for a higher rarity item or character of the same school or race.

We’ve done a lot of work to ensure players are only able to activate a burning spell after selecting five of the same rarity, race and magic school NFTs.

By burning NFTs, we’re reducing the supply of that rarity of NFTs available, which means the more players burn their Prophets to upgrade them, the more valuable lower tier characters and items become.

It’s important to note that we will not be allowing burning across generations, which we believe will have some interesting effects on each generation’s supply and demand for NFTs.

The TCP QA Process

We also wanted to share more about how we go about the QA process to ensure all the animations used in The Crypto Prophecies react and play correctly.

We’re proud to have added dedicated team members to focus on doing Quality Assurance on The Crypto Prophecies as we approach launch.

Our testers will have their work cut out, testing all the animations for each permutation and combination of all ten characters within each of our four generation 1 races, ten staffs, wands, capes and pets for each of the four magic schools.

Any errors they find will be fed back to the animators to correct and ensure they live up to the standards we’re setting ourselves for The Crypto Prophecies.

Daily Prize Front-end Updates

Over the last couple of weeks we have made a lot of progress on the UI for our daily prize ticket allocations and prize draws.

Tickets will now accrue in a player’s account depending on number of games played and results, while the prize collection functionality has also been added. Players will also be able to see the history for the prize draws under the daily prize section.

We’re still tweaking a couple of minor front-and-back end changes and look forward to sharing more about this functionality in the coming weeks.

Price Feed Update

One of the most important updates we have made for the seamlessness of the game mechanics is to update the price feed to faster data delivery. We’ve updated our delivery data speed from 600ms to 100ms. This update means that candlesticks are smoother with much more movement on each candle as there is more price data points feeding them per second.

In terms of the in-game experience, this update means that players can predict candlestick patterns with greater fluidity and, therefore, the battle experience is improved.

Pet Integration

Evolving your Crypto Prophets through the tiers — either by summoning better Prophets using Summoning Orbs or by burning your NFTs — is a core part of The Crypto Prophecies. When your Prophets reach the Legendary tier, a fourth and final item slot opens which allows you to wield the magic of Pets — companions that can assist you in battle by casting magic to disrupt the flow of your opponent.

Experimental Fire Pet Animations

We have now integrated The Satoshian pets into the fabric of the game — a crucial step towards completing the battle mechanics of The Crypto Prophecies. The next steps will be to complete the same integration for The Etherians, Ripptilians and Tezmanians.

Rematch Flow Adjusted

After every battle is complete, players are always offered the chance to rematch the same battle with the same wager and choose to either accept or decline. If the timer runs out, or one of the players declines a rematch, the chance to rematch the game goes.

We’ve adjusted and improved this process to ensure the rematch function of the battle mechanics is optimised.

Shop Functionality

We’ve done a lot of work to create a seamless in-game marketplace where players will be able to use their TCP tokens to purchase various items.

Some of the items players will be able to purchase include:

Prophet Orbs — Used for summoning new characters

Staff Stones — Used for summoning magic Staffs

Cape Diamonds — Used for summoning Capes

Wand Cubes — Used for summoning Wands

Pet Eggs — Used for summoning Pets

Once a player purchases any of these items in the Shop, they will be stored in the players wallet and also viewable in the inventory section, as each item is also an NFT.

Summoning Portal


Of course, summoning new characters and items is a core part of The Crypto Prophecies gameplay.

We’ve worked hard on delivering a summoning experience that is smooth, exciting and ultimately rewarding.

Users will be able to use any summoning stones from their inventory, place them at the summoning portal and watch in anticipation to see what rarity character or item appears through the portal!

Next steps include adjusting the timing of summons to balance the gameplay experience with the anticipation that should come with summoning a new character or item.

Bolstering Security

We’ve also made playing The Crypto Prophecies safer by bolstering the security. We’ve integrated several security features for API to client interaction.

Bugs Are Being Fixed!

As always, we’re continuing to work hard on ironing out any remaining or new bugs. Closed Beta testing was critical in helping us solve several and we continue to strive for a smooth player experience and launch.

Prepare Yourself For Battle In The Legendary Battle Arena!

The time is nearly here for you to do battle in The Crypto Prophecies. Expand your wealth by winning battles and wagers as well as collecting Crypto Prophet and Summoning Orb NFTs. Keep up with our developer updates to discover the latest game progress.

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