Let's make investing a game that anyone can win

August 11, 2021
Chris Vermeulen

We are GameFi Inc., an independent Blockchain game development studio, responsible for games such as Botwars Ultimate Trading and the highly-anticipated price-prediction game The Crypto Prophecies.

With our new game launching soon, and our first game, Botwars, being extended to offer ingame cryptocurrency and NFTs, we wanted to share more about who we are and what we want to achieve with our games.

Player-Owned Economy

Our mission is to accelerate Blockchain adoption through financial gaming and give players true ownership of the economy and their items.

This mission is really embodied in our new game, The Crypto Prophecies, where the core of the game is built around the in-game and real-world tangible value of player-owned TCP Token and NFT characters and items.

The non-fungible tokens are likely to increase in demand and possibly value as the supply of Crypto Prophets and magical items decrease through burning (a really great mechanic to level up your NFTs) as players seek to upgrade their capabilities and the player-base grows.

We fully believe that NFTs have a big future in gaming and we’re in the process of extending Botwars to include NFT ownership over the robot characters and weapons.

Play-to-Earn Model

We aim to create a world where players can invest their time and money into gaming, rather than simply spending it.

How do we deliver on this vision in our games?

In The Crypto Prophecies, players will have a variety of ways to win and earn TCP tokens just by playing the game. This includes, of course, winning price-prediction wagers in the Battle Arena, but also daily prize draws and the leaderboards.

Visit our blog to read more about the ways we’re empowering players with our play-to-earn model.

Our vision for the new version of Botwars includes similar play-to-earn mechanisms integrated into the existing Botwars gameplay mechanics. 

Making investing a game everyone can win

We believe that the future of finance is not one where people need to be intimidated by the complexities of investing in crypto. The future of crypto and blockchain developments should be accessible, transparent and fun for everyone - especially gamers!

To learn more about our new game "The Crypto Prophecies" which will launch later this year, you can sign-up to our newsletter at https://www.game-fi.io/ or follow us on Twitter at @Gamefi_Inc if you want to stay updated with all things related to gaming, blockchain adoption and crypto investment in general.


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